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The Great Kiwi Beer Fest 2019

Introducing the HoppyWeinstein

With the Great Kiwi Beer Festival approaching, Dickie started brewing a special treat around December to allow for aging and development. We absolutely love the great kiwi beer festival hosted here in Christchurch, it's a great opportunity for us to get inspired ,try some new local brews, meet new passionate beer drinkers and spin some beer chat. But look out, once the hard work is done Mr Brown gets on the jar and inevitably will end the night with pies & ice cold flavoured milk.

So If you’re passionate about new brews, Dickie has created an event exclusive brew crafted as the 'HoppyWeinstein'. (Limited kegs of this bad boy)

There's always a backstory...

Dickie can explain the name in person as it has many layers and cultural references baked in. Once you've passed that riddle and had a laugh, the easy part is the flavour. It’s first and foremost a pale ale carrying a fusion of flavours including some of our family owned ‘German Fuder Barrel Aged Sauvignon Blanc’... a Savvy-Ale if you will...

Let's be honest, you'll probably miss out...

So add this to your TASTE IT FIRST LIST!

Fuder Barrel Aged Beer - Hoppy Weinstein Ale
Hoppy WeinStein - Savvy-Ale - Exclusive Brew

We're always creeping around on Instagram so remember to tag it before drinking it. Simply use the tag # HoppyWeinstein on Instagram to be in the draw. Mr Brown will pick the best content across the Hashtag and in return reward the winner with great content. E.g tickets to a local show, some merch or some of our beers. Follow us on Instagram here if you haven't already.

We'll also have tasting notes on the beers for those of you that are officially 'researching'. Please feel free to ask anyone on the Kaiser Brothers Brewery (Stand 3) if you're interested, it will be our pleasure to help, and if we don't know we'll get Dickie or Mr Brown to talk you through it.

If you're excited about the HoppyWeinstein please note there simply isn't enough of this radical brew for everyone to taste, so it's a first in first served for this one!

Here we are on the map, (Stand 3)

So you know where to head first, and again, and again....

Kaiser Brothers Brewery Great Kiwi Beer Festival Drinks Menu
2019 Menu

What else is on offer?

We've got 4 outrageous beers and a cheeky cider to refresh the palate on the way through. If you haven't tried our Blonde PA, that's a new brew added to the Kaiser Brothers Brewery lineup of brews.

Also for something lighter, we receive a tonne of lemons each year from Marlborough and we take a day out to make the family lemonade for Christmas. We make more than they need, so we bring it along to the event for a refreshing taste sensation.

The shandy, obviously, Pils and Lemonade.

Here's a link to the official event page for more info about it all.

If you have any questions, please leave us a comment below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

See you there!

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1 commentaire

Had a great summer experience with Kaiser Bros. Central Otago, Kaiser Brothers Pilsner, what more could a guy want? Awesome.

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